Length: 2 days
Location: EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK

Come and join us at the EMBL-EBI training facility in Cambridge, UK, for the 3rd Jalview residential course and hackathon!

This is a two day course that covers all aspects of Jalview’s use. In the first day, hands on tutorials and lectures are provided to introduce Jalview’s capabilities, and explore the sequence alignment, annotation, analysis and structure visualization functions Jalview provides. The second day covers advanced topics, and provides an opportunity for users and bioinformatics software developers to work alongside the Jalview team to analyse their own data, configure and deploy their own Java Bioinformatics Analysis Server (JABAWS), or extend and adapt Jalview for their own needs.

Is it right for me ?

The course is suitable for anyone who needs to create, manipulate, annotate and publish nucleotide or protein sequence alignments, and use them to explore biological function. There will be introductory material for people with little or no experience in biological sequence analysis, but the course is also an opportunity for people with more extensive bioinformatics knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of Jalview.

What about the hackathon ?

The hackathon provides an opportunity for developers wishing to work on Jalview or JABAWS for their own projects to meet and work together to extend Jalview and JABAWS’ capabilities, fix bugs, or create new documentation. If you want to participate then tick the appropriate box when you register, and propose any topics you’d like to work on.


Registration, which includes a dinner on Monday night at the Red Lion in Hinxton, lunch and refreshments over the two days, costs £30. This does not include accommodation, and we recommend you book at the Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, the Red Lion Hinxton or Red Lion Whittlesford. A shuttle bus will be arranged for anyone staying off campus.

Presentations and Slides

Links to the materials used for the course are below:

Date: 21-01-2013 to 22-01-2013

Course: Jalview Residential Training Course

Location EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK

Duration: 2 days

Posted date: 2012-10-18