There are a number of places where you can find information about how to get the most out of Jalview.

If you can’t find what you are looking for below (or via your favourite search engine!), then join Jalview’s Discussion Forum to ask questions and get help from other Jalview users and the Jalview team. You’ll also hear about new releases and service interruptions.

Jalview training videos

If you are new to Jalview, the short Getting Started with Jalview video playlist will help you install Jalview and guide you through the basics. You can then learn more about Jalview from the Jalview YouTube site.

Hands on Exercises

We maintain a set of hands-on exercises that are used for our online and in-person Jalview training courses. Many of the exercises have an accompanying video, and the features they demonstrate are discussed in the Jalview Manual (PDF).


The Jalview FAQ provides answers to common questions and workaround for specific platform issues. )

Reporting bugs

If you think you found a bug, then take a look at the FAQ page on Reporting Bugs.

Jalview’s documentation page

The Jalview Documentation Page provides links to the latest version of the Jalview Manual, the on-line version of the built-in help (opened by pressing F1 in the application), and a variety of archival material.