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Getting Started as a Jalview Developer

There are two documents describing how to get set up as a Jalview developer.

If you plan to tinker with Jalview for your own use, then the building.md document is probably all you need to read up on.

If you plan to submit patches to Jalview then you should also read the Jalview Developer Setup Guide.


The building.md document can be found in the Jalview source distribution, or in the git repository, as doc/building.md. This should be kept up to date and so be appropriate for the version or git branch that it is found in. You should therefore find the most up-to-date version in the develop branch.

If you use gradle to build Jalview, then plugin, flexmark, should convert the markdown file into an HTML equivalent, doc/building.html which you may find easier to view. This can also be found in the source distribution of Jalview and also in our Building document.

Jalview Developer Setup Guide

There is also a Jalview Developer Setup Guide in a Google Doc that describes in more detail the workflow for developing with the Jalview team.