Jalview is designed to be easy to use, but it takes time to learn how to get the most out of its different capabilities.

If you have already explored our online training videos and YouTube channel, tried out the Hands On Exercises, and read all the documentation, then you might want to come to a Jalview training course.

Jalview training courses

Jalview training courses give you the opportunity to focus on exploring its capabilities and helps you understand how to use Jalview more effectively. We have courses suitable for students, teachers, bioinformaticians, biologists, biomedical researchers and clinicians. Courses consist of a series of short lectures interspersed with Hands On Exercises.

We regularly run face-to-face training courses, both in-person and online. Upcoming courses are announced on the Jalview Discussion Forum, and details posted on the Training Courses page.

We also develop bespoke courses tailored to specific areas where Jalview can be applied (e.g. sequence structure analysis for drug discovery). If you’d like the Jalview team to come and give a training course at your institute, then please contact Geoff Barton.

Jalview’s training program and online videos have been funded by the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Wellcome Trust.