Cookies and Analytics

Jalview and its associated websites do not rely on the use of cookies, but you may need to enable JavaScript to get the best experience. The sites do not collect personally identifiable information beyond those requested when registering as a contributing user for our bug tracker, source repository, and discussion forum. Logs are kept in secure storage and only processed to when diagnosing problems or generating usage reports.

Google analytics

Google analytics is used on Jalview’s web sites to analyse usage and identify parts of the site that need to be improved. The Jalview Desktop also incorporates a client for Google Analytics, but this is only activated when the user agrees to its use. In all cases, data collected are anonymous.

The cookie consent banner should appear at the bottom of the page when you first visit the Jalview website. This controls whether cookies are set by the Google analytics and Twitter timeline components which are included in the Jalview site. If you have Do Not Track set in your browser, then Jalview’s site will automatically adjust cookie consent to Decline, and no consent banner will be shown.

Cookie consent banner image - shows link to this page and two buttons: Decline and OK
  • Okay : (anonymous) Google analytic data will be collected (described above) and X’s timeline may set tracking cookies.
  • Decline : Google analytic data collection is disabled, and a “Do Not Track” request is passed to the X timeline panel.

Once a selection is made, the banner is replaced by a discrete yellow and grey tab at the bottom right of the page. Hovering over this will reveal a Cookie Policy link that you can click to adjust your cookie consent settings.