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WARNING! Downloading this JVL file might automatically switch your Jalview installation to version 2.11.0 (without auto-updates).

To revert back to the Jalview RELEASE channel, please visit the Using the Jalview Launch file page.

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SHA256: 640c43b9e564092d4f765b5b30bc901003a7ee80a49442544159bc0bfb207cfc
SHA256: 653b898d158b027dfb948d4888bab5e928bc8ebeb7c363dc076225ffab622c34
SHA256: fe4a9ca8b24212df2f0ba467b130d27f7e9216e33110f991dcdff35fb44604ea
SHA256: 5b8d661e6627fbfec36796a83127ed9eea0a8d5ceaed49755df87dc0cbb58718