Jalview 2.4.0.b2

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New Features

  • Experimental support for google analytics usage tracking.
  • Jalview privacy settings (user preferences and docs).

Issues Resolved

  • Race condition in applet preventing startup in jre1.6.0u12+.
  • Exception when feature created from selection beyond length of sequence.
  • Allow synthetic PDB files to be imported gracefully
  • Sequence associated annotation rows associate with all sequences with a given id
  • Find function matches case-insensitively for sequence ID string searches
  • Non-standard characters do not cause pairwise alignment to fail with exception

Application Issues

  • Sequences are now validated against EMBL database
  • Sequence fetcher fetches multiple records for all data sources

InstallAnywhere Issues

  • Dock icon works for Mac OS X java (Mac 1.6 update issue with installAnywhere mechanism)
  • Command line launching of JARs from InstallAnywhere version (java class versioning error fixed)