Jalview 2.10.0b1

Version Date:
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New Features


  • 3D Structure chooser opens with ‘Cached structures’ view if structures already loaded
  • Progress bar reports models as they are loaded to structure views

Issues Resolved


  • Colour by conservation always enabled and no tick shown in menu when BLOSUM or PID shading applied
  • FER1_ARATH and FER2_ARATH labels were switched in example sequences/projects/trees


  • Jalview projects with views of local PDB structure files saved on Windows cannot be opened on OSX
  • Multiple structure views can be opened and superposed without timeout for structures with multiple models or multiple sequences in alignment
  • Cannot import or associated local PDB files without a PDB ID HEADER line
  • RMSD is not output in Jmol console when superposition is performed
  • Drag and drop of URL from Browser fails for Linux and OSX versions earlier than El Capitan
  • ENA client ignores invalid content from ENA server
  • Exceptions are not raised in console when ENA client attempts to fetch non-existent IDs via Fetch DB Refs UI option
  • Exceptions are not raised in console when a new view is created on the alignment
  • OSX right-click fixed for group selections: CMD-click to insert/remove gaps in groups and CTRL-click to open group pop-up menu

Build and deployment

  • URL link checker now copes with multi-line anchor tags

New Known Issues

  • Drag and drop from URL links in browsers do not work on Windows