Edinburgh Genomics host Jalview training course on 29-30 April 2019

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Edinburgh Genomics are hosting Jalview workshops on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th April.

At the ‘Introductory workshop’ on Monday 29th April, participants will learn about multiple sequence alignments and how to create, analyse and visualise them with the Jalview Desktop. Participants will explore Jalview’s capabilities for working with phylogenetic trees, 3D structures and annotation from public databases.

At the ‘Advanced workshop’ on Tuesday 30th April, participants will work with genomic variant data from Ensembl and Gnomad, scripting Jalview with Groovy, and taking advantage of UCSF Chimera’s 3D structure analysis capabilities in Jalview.

The cost of the 1 ½ day course will be £45. Delegates who attend the half day Advanced workshop only can register for free.

Register for both workshops (29-30th April) £45.00

Register for advanced workshop only (Tuesday 30th April) £0.00

For more information please visit www.genomics.ed.ac.uk.