Jalview’s Schools Workbook tested by pupils at Forfar Academy

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Ben Soares and Suzanne Duce visited Forfar Academy, Angus on Wednesday 18th December to test the ‘Visualising DNA, RNA & Proteins in Jalview’ Schools Workbook with a class of 17 Nat 5 biology pupils.

The students used JalviewJS to view the sequences of DNA, RNA and a variety of proteins alongside the 3D structures. They also compared the myoglobin sequence of a human with myoglobin sequences from other species. Then they viewed the coding DNA sequence alongside its protein product in a split-screen viewer. Finally, they viewed the exons and introns in the HBB gene which is involved in sickle cell anaemia and identified the genetic mutation linked to the disease, and investigated its effect on the HBB protein.

We thank Dr Comrie and the students for their help and their positive feedback.

If you would like to try this in your School please get in touch and take a look at the teaching materials available on our website.