New minor release: Jalview 2.10.5

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Jalview 2.10.5 is a minor release that includes critical patches for users working with Ensembl, RNA secondary structure annotation, and those running Jalview on OSX with Java 10.

  • Jalview’s default memory limit increased to 1G. If you have problems starting Jalview 2.10.5 and you have 1G or less physical memory on your machine, you will need to reduce the memory allocated to Jalview.
  • EPS, PNG and SVG export now includes hidden sequence markers, and representative sequences are marked in bold.
  • Ensembl Client updated for Ensembl Rest API v7.
    The latest Ensembl API is not backwards compatible with earlier versions of Jalview, so if you require Ensembl functionality you will need to install this release.
  • Improved support for VIENNA extended dot-bracket notation for RNA secondary structure
  • Positional and selected region highlighting in VARNA ’trimmed sequence’ view now more reliable
  • Fix for bug affecting OSX users running Jalview with Java 10 which can prevent files being saved correctly through the ‘Save As’ dialog box.

The majority of bug fixes and improvements in 2.10.5 are due to Jalview users contacting us via the jalview-discuss email list. Thanks to everyone who took the time to help make Jalview better!