Jalview is an Open Source project funded by the BBSRC.

The source is made available under the GNU General Public License (v3) as a gzipped tar file, which expands to a directory named jalview.

You will need J2SDK 1.6+ to build Jalview. All additional dependencies are provided in the source archive.

Full instructions for building the source are given in jalview/doc/building.html. To summarise, there are two ways to build Jalview :

  • Apache Ant
    For the impatient: ant with no arguments will build the application, ant with the "makeApplet" target will build the applet.
  • Use a Java Integrated Development Environment.
    Jalview 2 has been developed with two IDEs:
    • Eclipse
      If you are new to eclipse, we recommend you install it with the Yoxos system.
    • Borland JBuilder
      Jalview version 2 was originally developed using JBuilder, up until the release of version 2.3. There are two project files in the root directory of the archive, one for the application and another for the applet. Note: some dependencies will be missing from this project definition - check the ant build file.

Polite notice: If you want to change Jalview in a way that would benefit others in the community, please email us your code or suggestions and we will do our best to incorporate your ideas in future releases!