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Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Wellcome Trust

The Jalview resource also relies on support from the Dundee Resource Sequence Analysis and Protein Secondary Structure Prediction which is supported by the following grants:

Contributors for Jalview version 2

(developed from 2004 at University of Dundee with support from the BBSRC)

Main authors:

People who have contributed code, or otherwise collaborated with the core Jalview 2 team, in roughly historical order:

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Jalview 2 logo and site design

Jalview version 1

(developed from 1996 onwards at Oxford and EMBL-EBI)

  • Michele Clamp
  • James Cuff
  • Stephen Searle
  • Geoff Barton

The Jalview 2 authors

  • Jim Procter
  • Andrew Waterhouse
  • Mungo Carstairs
  • Ben Soares
  • Kira Mourao
  • Tochukwu Ofoegbu
  • Jan Engelhardt
  • Lauren Lui
  • Anne Menard
  • Natasha Sherstnev
  • Daniel Barton
  • David Roldan-Martinez
  • Yann Ponty
  • Michele Clamp
  • James Cuff
  • Steve Searle
  • David Martin
  • Geoff Barton