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Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Wellcome Trust

Jalview version 2

(developed from 2004 at University of Dundee with support from the BBSRC)

Main authors:

People who have contributed code, or otherwise collaborated with the core Jalview 2 team, in roughly historical order:

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Jalview 2 logo and site design

Jalview version 1

(developed from 1996 onwards at Oxford and EMBL-EBI)

  • Michele Clamp
  • James Cuff
  • Stephen Searle
  • Geoff Barton

The Jalview 2 authors

  • Jim Procter
  • Andrew Waterhouse
  • Mungo Carstairs
  • Tochukwu Ofoegbu
  • Jan Engelhardt
  • Lauren Lui
  • Anne Menard
  • Natasha Sherstnev
  • Daniel Barton
  • David Roldan-Martinez
  • Yann Ponty
  • Michele Clamp
  • James Cuff
  • Steve Searle
  • David Martin
  • Geoff Barton