Jalview attends the Mary Erskine School’s Coding Expo

Thank you to everyone who wrote letters of support last year for our application to the BBSRC, we should hear the outcome in the next couple of months.

We are now applying to the Wellcome Trust to renew funding to support Jalview's use in biomedical sequence analysis, including interpretation of genomic variation and long read RNA data (e.g. Nanopore) at the protein coding level. If you would like Jalview to continue to develop and be supported then please take a few minutes to write us a support letter saying how you use Jalview in your research/teaching.

Write as a PDF including your institution's heading and send to:
support_jalview@bartongroup.org by Friday 22nd March 2019.

Thank you!

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On 9th September 2016, Dr Kira Mourao was invited to Mary Erskine School’s first ‘Coding Expo’ event. The main aim of the afternoon was to promote the launch of the school’s lunchtime code club. Volunteers from industry and academia manned stalls and chatted with pupils about career opportunities in computing and tech-related industries.

Approximately 300 pupils attended the event. Kira was kept very busy explaining Jalview to pupils. The girls were able to test-drive Jalview for themselves and see how the bone osteocalcin protein from Neanderthal man differs from that of modern man and other primates. The pupils were interested to find out more about bioinformatics and working in life sciences' research.

On 27th November 2017, Dr Kira Mourao attended Dunfermline High School’s ‘Routes into Employment’ Networking event for their S2 year pupils.