Jalview Version 2.8.1 Now Available!

Version 2.8.1 of Jalview is now available at

This is the third release in the 2.8.x series of Jalview, and in addition to a liberal scattering of bug fixes, provides new support for RNA secondary structure prediction, additional score models for tree-building and PCA, and several minor improvements to Jalview's user interface. Full details are at

Jalview 2 paper citations

We are encouraged by the numbers of scientists across the globe who use Jalview.
It helps us, if people who use Jalview would cite our Jalview 2 paper when they publish research that utilises Jalview.
Thank you to those of you who have done this. In the last five years according to Web of Science, the paper has been cited in 1,121 articles.

Job vacancies for a Jalview developer and training/outreach officer in Dundee

We are looking for a Java software engineer with a PhD and experience of biological sequence analysis and GUI design, and a part-time training and outreach officer to develop online and face-to-face training materials for Jalview and its sister projects developed at the University of Dundee. Applications close on 20th November 2013.

Click this link to find out more

Please help with Jalview funding renewal

Jalview is made freely available to all thanks to a grant from the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). This funds Jalview development, training courses, website, back-end servers and email support. We are currently seeking renewal of this grant and letters of support are critical to the success of this renewal. If you find Jalview useful, please take a few minutes to write as soon as possible and tell us how you use Jalview and how important it is to your work!


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