I downloaded the Jalview Installer for OSX but the install application won't run

The OSX InstallAnywhere version of Jalview is downloaded as a ZIP archive ( which is normally unpacked automatically to create an application called 'install' that you can run. If nothing happens when you double click the application, then there are a few things that could go wrong.

Installer doesn't launch because it was unpacked with a third-party archive tool

Java Web Start version of Jalview fails with error 'Unable to Launch - because JAR resources in JNLP are not signed by same certificate'

This error (and others like it) is raised when an old version of the Jalview Webstart JNLP is being used to launch the latest version of the application (for instance, because you have created your own JNLP file in order to increase the memory available to Jalview).
To fix, first make sure that you are using the latest version of the Jalview JNLP file (right-click or apple-click to save this link to a file) to launch jalview.

InstallAnywhere on Linux fails to find shared libraries

Some latest versions of Linux fail to install with InstallAnywhere and will generate error messages such as "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open". The problem can be fixed by modifying the install.bin script, and also the Jalview script.

cp install.bin install.bak
cat install.bak | sed "s/export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/#xport LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/" > install.bin
sh install.bin

cp Jalview Jalview.bak
cat Jalview.bak | sed "s/export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/#xport LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/" > Jalview
sh Jalview


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