Version 2.9.0b2

Second Patch release for 2.9

Fixes duplicated display of group associated consensus and conservation annotation when an alignment is partitioned by clicking on the tree viewer.

Jalview 2.9.0b2 is now also provided as 'timestamped' signed jars. This means that Jalview 2.9.0b2 will run even after our Certum code signing certificate is no longer valid. Thanks to for providing a public timestamp server !

Version 2.9 now available !

Jalview Version 2.9 brings several new capabilities, including linked editing and analysis of protein and cDNA alignments, interactive searching and discovery of structure data from the EMBL-EBI PDBe, push button publishing of alignment data and figures as web pages, and improved integration with UCSF Chimera, Jmol, and VARNA. 


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