Privacy for Jalview Users

The Jalview Desktop application which is available from the site does not contain code designed to collect personal or private information without your consent. However, we do collect usage statistics to work out who is using Jalview, so we can apply for funding to support Jalview development, and make it better for our users.

Usage data is collected from the logs of various web services that the Jalview Desktop contacts through its normal operation. These are described below:

Stopping Jalview from calling home
If you run Jalview in 'headless mode' via the command line, then the program shouldn't try to contact any of the web servers mentioned above (if it does, then it's a bug!). You can also specify some command line options to disable the questionnaire and usage statistics check. Finally, the Connections Tab of the Jalview preferences contains options for controlling the submission of usage statistics.

Other Web Clients in Jalview
The Jalview desktop is intended to make it easier to interact with web-based bioinformatics resources. However, we can't take any responsibility for the integrity of any external services you might access via the program. Sorry!