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Jalview is the fourth patch release in the 2.11.1 series. One critical bug was fixed in this release - when Jalview would occasionally hang when viewing structures in Jmol. This release also introduces a number of new configuration options for disabling web service connections used by the Jalview Debian package.

New Features

  • New .jalview_properties token controlling launch of the news browser (like -nonews argument)
  • New .jalview_properties token controlling download of linkout URLs from www.jalview.org/services/identifiers
  • New .jalview_properties token controlling download of BIOJSHTML templates
  • New 'Discover Web Services' option to trigger a one off JABAWS discovery if autodiscovery was disabled

Issues Resolved

  • Intermittent deadlock opening structure in Jmol

New Known defects

  • Protein Cross-Refs for Gene Sequence not always restored from project (since 2.10.3)
  • Selections from tree built from CDS aren't propagated to Protein alignment (since