Jalview 2.10.3b1

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Version Date: 

This patch release is signed with a new Certum Codesigning Certificate (Valid till 30th November 2018) and addresses the following bugs:

  • Only one structure is loaded when several sequences and structures are selected for viewing/superposing
  • Alignment doesn't appear to scroll vertically via trackpad and scrollwheel
  • Jalview hangs if up/down arrows pressed in cursor mode when cursor lies in hidden region at start of alignment
  • Helix annotation has 'notches' when scrolled into view if columns are hidden
  • Annotation column filter can be slow to reset (ie after hitting cancel) for large numbers of hidden columns
  • User preference for disabling inclusion of sequence limits when exporting as flat file has no effect
  • Reproducible cross-reference relationships when retrieving sequences from EnsemblGenomes