Jalview training courses

Funding from the UK's Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Wellcome Trust allows us to run training courses in the UK and overseas.

Upcoming training courses are advertised on the training courses calendar, the Training Courses page gives a complete list of all the training courses we've run. You can also keep up to date with Jalview training via the training news page.

If you'd like someone to come and give a training course at your institute, then contact Geoff Barton.

Jalview training videos

We are developing a library of training videos to help Jalview users get the most from the software, these can be found on our YouTube channel.
Our 'Getting Going with Jalview 2.8' videos introducing Jalview and helping you launch Jalview on your own computer can be viewed on the 'Getting Started' page of our website.

Why come to a Jalview training course?

Most people who use Jalview first discover it because they needed to view an alignment from one of the many sites that use JalviewLite, or needed to create a figure for publication with the Jalview Desktop. Jalview has more to offer than this, but learning how to use all of the features of JalviewLite and the Jalview Desktop can take some time. Attending a Jalview course gives you the opportunity to focus on exploring its capabilities and helps you understand how to use Jalview more effectively. We have courses suitable for students, teachers, bioinformaticians, biologists, biomedical researchers and clinicians.

Types of training course

  • Jalview Residential Courses
    These are held annually in the UK. The first residential course took place in 2010 at the EMBL-EBI training facility at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, near Cambridge. It consisted of a full day of guided hands-on tutorials, and a lecture on multiple alignment and analysis. In 2012, we added a second day to the program to cover advanced topics, and to allow time for the Jalview Clinic and Jalview Developer Hackathon.
  1. The Jalview Clinic is an opportunity for participants to discuss their analysis problems with the Jalview team.
  2. Jalview Developer Hackathon is for people who want to adapt or modify Jalview for their own needs, fix bugs, or improve documentation.
  • Introduction to Jalview Training Workshop
    This is a one day guided tutorial format course that covers all the Jalview basics, sequence alignment and tree based alignment analysis, and a selection of other topics from the Introduction to Jalview manual.
  • Practical Jalview
    This is the short format version of the one day course, which skips a number of the basic exercises and focuses on key capabilities for alignment creation and visual analysis.