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    The latest patch release for Jalview 2.11.1 is now available via over the air update and the Jalview download page.

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    Just quick post to let you all know that the closing date for the Jalview research software engineer/bioinformatician is October 24th !

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    We are pleased to announce that Jalview, the first patch release in the 2.11.1 series, is now available as an over the air update.

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    We're pleased to announce Jalview 2.11.0 is now also available for installation via bioconda. Both the bioconda package and homebrew cask provide a 'jalview' command line tool that can be used either to launch the GUI or access Jalview's command line from your own scripts. 

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    We are quite excited about the release of Jalview 2.11.0!

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    Jalview 2.10.5 is a minor release that includes critical patches for users working with Ensembl, RNA secondary structure annotation, and those running Jalview on OSX with Java 10.

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    The first patch release for Jalview 2.10.4 is now available. It includes the following minor improvments and critical patches:

    • HGVS nomenclature used for variant annotation retrieved from Uniprot
    • Uniprot import fails for some sequences (Cannot import features with multiple variant elements)
    • Clustal files with sequence positions in right-hand column are now parsed correctly
    • Wrap view - export to SVG - IDs shown but not alignment area in exported graphic
    • F2/Keyboard mode edits work when Overview window has input focus
    • Windows specific fixes:
      • Annotation panel set too high when annotation added to view
      • Updated search paths for Chimera default installation
      • Windows File Shortcuts can be dragged onto the Jalview Desktop
      • Drag URL from Chrome, Firefox, IE to Jalview desktop on Windows doesn't open file:
        Dragging the currently open URL and links from a page viewed in Firefox or Chrome on Windows is now fully supported.
        If you are using Edge, only links in the page can be dragged.
        With Internet Explorer, only the currently open URL in the browser can be dropped onto Jalview.

    If you experience any problems, please let us now via Twitter (@Jalview) or the jalview mailing lists.

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    This minor release is the last in the 2.10 series. It includes critical patches for maintaining access to public web services and compatibility with Java 10 on OSX. It also includes several efficiency improvements, an improved 3D structure chooser and bug fixes to make SIFTS sequence-structure mappings more reliable.

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    We are pleased to announce the first Jalview release of 2018!

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    A bugfix release for 2.10.2 is now available. Version 2.10.2b1 has the following new features:

    • Show gaps in overview window by colouring in grey (sequences used to be coloured grey, and gaps were white)
    • Overview tab in Jalview Desktop Preferences
    • Overview updates immediately on increase in size and progress bar shown as higher resolution overview is recalculated

    Several minor (and not so minor) bugs are also resolved, including problems with retrieval of Ensembl crossreferences for Uniprot sequences, and PDB sequence/structure associations.