Looking for the 'Launch Jalview' buttons ?

You need to download an installer to run Jalview 2.11.
You can still use webstart to access old versions of Jalview in the version archive

Jalview features in DJCAD degree art show

Allison Meighan, a final year jewellery and metalwork undergraduate at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design at the University of Dundee, took inspiration for her final year project from mitochondrial DNA sequences. She compared Mesolithic MtDNA with contemporary British MtDNA using Jalview to align the strands of code and to visualise the points of difference. There were 38 differences noted in the 165,569 bases of the modern MtDNA ring.

Jalview demos in LifeSpace gallery

Dr Suzanne Duce ran hands-on demonstrations of Jalview for the public in the University’s LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery on Saturday 11th May. This was part of the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research’s Drug Design: Drug Discovery afternoon of activities and tours. Visitors got the opportunity of using Jalview to visualize how medicines work at the molecular level.

Jalview Services unavailable 26-27th Nov

Jalview's web services will be unavailable from 17:00 GMT on Monday 26th until 14:00 GMT on Tuesday 27th November.

If you need to perform multiple sequence alignments, conservation analysis, RNA secondary structure or protein disorder predictions during this period please download the JABAWS 2.2 server and add your local JABAWS server URL to your Web Services preferences.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Technical fault affects Jalview

Apologies to Jalview users who may be trying to contact our external-facing services. Since about 22:00 on 25th October, the University of Dundee has had a major network failure. The University's IT team have identified the core problem but it looks like it will take time to fix.

(Friday 26th October 10.50)


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