Three training workshops in one week

The Jalview team were busy last week. Jim Procter and Suzanne Duce ran the one-day Jalview training workshop at the University of Dundee on Wednesday 22th February and the University of St Andrews on Friday 24th February. Geoff Barton ran a protein sequence analysis and structure prediction workshop on Thursday with help from Stuart MacGowan and Fabio Maderia at the University of Dundee. Thanks to Rebeca Diaz Vazquez for the invitation and help setting up the St Andrews workshop.

Last chance to sign up for the Jalview training course in Glasgow

There are just a handful of spaces left at the Jalview’s ‘Protein, RNA and DNA multiple sequence alignment and functional analysis’ workshop.

The course is suitable for both Jalview novices and experienced users who would like to learn more about Jalview's capabilities.

The course will cover topic such as loading, editing and saving sequences, multiple sequence alignment, creating trees, viewing annotation and features, working with 3D structures.

New Jalview YouTube channel playlist

A new playlist has been added to the Jalview Online Training YouTube channel.

The ‘Colour, Appearance and Figure Generation’ playlist contains 3 videos that described how to modify the appearance of the Jalview alignment window, colour sequence residues and alignments, and how to export data and save images for figure generation and publication.

Undergraduates test Jalview

As part of the science communication project Charlotte Campbell, a 4th year BSc Hons student in Molecular Genetics, prepared an undergraduate training booklet using Jalview to understand protein sequence alignment and tree generation. Today she tested it out on the undergraduate students.


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