Edinburgh Genomics host Jalview training course on 29-30 April 2019

Edinburgh Genomics are hosting Jalview workshops on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th April.

At the ‘Introductory workshop’ on Monday 29th April, participants will learn about multiple sequence alignments and how to create, analyse and visualise them with the Jalview Desktop. Participants will explore Jalview’s capabilities for working with phylogenetic trees, 3D structures and annotation from public databases.

Jalview PhD Induction Course

On Thursday afternoon on the 27th September and Friday morning on the 28th September, Jim Procter, Suzanne Duce and Ben Soares ran a Jalview workshop in the Tower Building IT Suite as part of the PhD Induction for Life Sciences students at the University of Dundee.

Great to see everyone loading, editing and aligning their protein sequences then going on to analyse the alignments, viewing the annotations and features as well as linking this to the 3D structure.

Jalview in Liverpool

Jim Procter and Suzanne Duce travelled to Liverpool to run a 2-day multiple sequence alignment, protein structure and function modelling workshop with Dr Dan Rigden. In Day 1, delegates learnt how to load data from public databases such as Uniprot, Ensembl and PDB into Jalview and then run multiple sequence alignment, conservation analysis and secondary structure and disorder prediction. Day 2 focused on protein structure visualisation, structure-based function predictions, homology modelling and ab inito modelling.

Last chance to sign up for the Jalview training course in Liverpool

There are a few spaces left on the 2 day ‘Multiple Sequence Alignment with Jalview and Protein Structure and Function Modelling’ workshop in Liverpool on Monday 14th to Tuesday 15th May.

Day 1 is focused on creating, analysing and annotating sequence alignments (including cDNA/Protein) with Jalview. Day 2 involves 3D structure, we will explore the creation and use of protein 3D modelling for function prediction.

Registration for the course is free.

Primary school pupils viewed T Rex protein sequence in Jalview

On Thursday 3rd May, 105 primary school pupils from St Clement's and St Francis Primary Schools visited the School of Life Sciences as part of the ‘Cell-ebration of Science’ event. As well as a drama workshop, the children could try out a variety of hands-on science activities. This included running Jalview and using our badge maker.

Pupils loaded the collagen protein sequence of Tyrannosaurus Rex from Uniprot database (P0C2W2) into Jalview. They used multiple sequence alignment analysis to compare this fragment of collagen to those of other species.


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