Can Jalview run with Java 9

Jalview is compatible with Java 9, but only via webstart, or with a modified command-line launch script. If you use the InstallAnywhere version of Jalview it will recommend you install Java 8.

If you have installed Jalview via InstallAnywhere and you cannot access JABAWS services (a dialog box appears after you start Jalview about this), then you can patch the Jalview installation.

On OSX: - Add two lines to the file after the line starting <string>-Xdock:icon=

PhD & Postgrad Sequence Alignment and Analysis Training Workshop

(1) Multiple Sequence Alignment and Analysis with Jalview on Thursday 23rd November 2017

Day 1 workshop employs talks and hands-on exercises to help students learn to use Jalview, a versatile protein and nucleic acid sequence alignment and analysis tool developed within the School of Life Sciences. We will cover launching Jalview, accessing sequence, alignment and 3D structure databases, creating, editing and analysing alignments, phylogenetic trees, analysing alignments with 3D structures, and preparation of figures for presentation and publication.


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