Version 2.07

Jalview is free to end-users because of support from the UK's BBSRC and The Wellcome Trust

If you would like to see Jalview continue to be available then please take a few minutes to write us a support letter saying how you use Jalview in your research/teaching.

Write as a PDF including your institution's heading and send to: by Friday 19th October 2018.

Thank you all those who have already written such nice letters!

Version Date: 

New Features

  • PDB Structure Viewer enhanced
  • Sequence Feature retrieval and display enhanced
  • Choose to output sequence start-end after sequence name for file output
  • Sequence Fetcher WSDBFetch@EBI
  • Applet can read feature files, PDB files and can be used for HTML form input

Issues Resolved

  • HTML output writes groups and features
  • Group editing is Control and mouse click
  • File IO bugs