Version Date: 

First patch release for 2.11.2 series addressing critical bugs and usability issues

New Features

  • Distribution Tarball includes git commit and branch details

Issues Resolved

  • Keyboard mode (F2) stops working after using the "Create sequence feature" dialog >
  • 3D Structure chooser fails to select structures from 3D-beacons and pops up a 'null' dialog
  • PDB FTS query results in error dialog containing '414' [URL too long]
  • Sequence ID tooltip not shown during long running retrieval/crossref operations (affects at least 2.11.1 onwards)
  • Cannot build Jalview via gradle from its source tarball

New Known Issues

  • Keyboard mode (F2) stops working after using the "Text Colour" dialog
  • Colour by->all views doesn't allow colouring same structure from different views (since
  • Pfam and Rfam alignment retrieval as gzipped stockholm doesn't work on JalviewJS build of 2.11.2
  • Java 11 Only: Jalview OSX install not working due to VAqua requiring sun.awt.image.MultiResolutionImage
  • Sequence Details can take a long time to be displayed for heavily annotated sequences (all versions)