Jalview 2.10.4b1

Version Date: 

New Features

  • Windows File Shortcuts can be dragged onto the Jalview Desktop
  • Use HGVS nomenclature for variant annotation retrieved from Uniprot

Issues Resolved

  • Cannot import features with multiple variant elements (blocks import of some Uniprot records)
  • Clustal files with sequence positions in right-hand column parsed correctly
  • Wrap view - export to SVG - IDs shown but not alignment area in exported graphic
  • Annotation panel set too high when annotation added to view
  • F2/Keyboard mode edits work when Overview window has input focus
  • Jalview Desktop is slow to start up when network connectivity is poor
  • Drag URL from chrome, firefox, IE to Jalview desktop on Windows doesn't open file
    Dragging the currently open URL and links from a page viewed in Firefox or Chrome on Windows is now fully supported. If you are using Edge, only links in the page can be dragged, and with Internet Explorer, only the currently open URL in the browser can be dropped onto Jalview.