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    We are pleased to announce the first Jalview release of 2018!

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    A bugfix release for 2.10.2 is now available. Version 2.10.2b1 has the following new features:

    • Show gaps in overview window by colouring in grey (sequences used to be coloured grey, and gaps were white)
    • Overview tab in Jalview Desktop Preferences
    • Overview updates immediately on increase in size and progress bar shown as higher resolution overview is recalculated

    Several minor (and not so minor) bugs are also resolved, including problems with retrieval of Ensembl crossreferences for Uniprot sequences, and PDB sequence/structure associations.

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    This August 2017 release of Jalview introduces new user interface features, improved and more extensible tree and PCA analysis, more robust 3D structure viewing with UCSF Chimera and an updated service client for JABAWS.

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    Jalview 2.9.0b2 fixes a Desktop bug where group associated consensus and conservation annotation rows are duplicated when an alignment is partitioned by clicking on the tree viewer. 

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    We've just uploaded the patch release for version 2.9. It addresses a dozen or so minor issues in the desktop and applet, including linked editing of cDNA and Protein alignments and exchange of alignment data embedded in HTML pages. It's also the first release distributed as a signed OSX disk image, which (should) provide trouble free installation on all Macs.

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    We are very pleased to announce that Jalview version 2.8.2 is now available (just in time for our Jalview course in London on 15th December!).

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    Unfortunately, due to a configuration error whilst we updated our drupal servers, the Jalview desktop and applet were unavailable for a short period of time, but are now back.