Jalview development builds

You can run the very latest version of each Jalview development branch by using the links below:

Build Type Webstart InstallAnywhere Applet Source

The latest official build
The latest and greatest version of the current Jalview release (Jalview 2.9).
Bug fixes will appear here before we make a minor release.

Built from the Release_2_X_Branch (where X is the current Jalview version).

Webstart Release Build
1G 2G
InstallAnywhere Release Build Applet Release Build Source Tarball for Release Build

Test the next Jalview release
This version includes features scheduled for the next release. It might not work for you - report problems and see progress at issues.jalview.org

Webstart nextrel Build
1G 2G
InstallAnywhere Next Release Build Applet Next Release Build Source Tarball for Next Release Build

Development Branch
This version includes experimental features not scheduled for any release, and comes with ABSOLUTELY no guarantees - back up your data!

Built from the repository develop branch

Webstart Development Build
1G 2G
InstallAnywhere Development Build Applet Development Build Source Tarball for Development Build