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    Jalview is a critical patch release that updates one of the open source components, log4j, that Jalview relies on. The update addresses the widely reported log4shell security vunerability. This release also addresses a bug in the occupancy calculation that occurs when working with alignments of more than 32,000 sequences.

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    Jalview 2.10.1 is now available from This is a minor release in the 2.10 series, and brings a range of bug fixes and minor new features including batch BioJS HTML page generation, interactive selection from structure highlights, and alignment conservation analysis. Jalview 2.10.1 is also significantly more memory efficient when working with very wide alignments.

    With the release of Jalview 2.10.1, we also welcome Kira MourĂ£o to the Jalview Authors. Kira joined Jalview's core development team in October 2016, and this is the first release to include her contributions.

    As usual, please get in contact via our email lists or issue tracker if you have bugs, issues, new features or want to contribute to Jalview's development !

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    A new version of JAva Bioinformatics Analysis Web Services (JABAWS) is now available from the JABAWS homepage.

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    This the first post on the Jalview Desktop news channel, which is made available as an RSS feed monitored by a news reader built in to the Jalview Desktop.