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You need to download an installer to run Jalview 2.11.
You can still use webstart to access old versions of Jalview in the version archive

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    The University of Dundee's IT team have fixed the problem and Jalview is fully operational again. Apologies for any inconvenience.

    (Friday 26th October 16.50)

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    Apologies to Jalview users who may be trying to contact our external-facing services. Since about 22:00 on 25th October, the University of Dundee has had a major network failure. The University's IT team have identified the core problem but it looks like it will take time to fix.

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    Our current core funding for Jalview from the UK BBSRC and Wellcome Trust ends in 2019.   If you would like Jalview to continue to be available, then please help us in our applications to r

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    On Thursday afternoon on the 27th September and Friday morning on the 28th September, Jim Procter, Suzanne Duce and Ben Soares ran a Jalview workshop in the Tower Building IT Suite as part of the PhD Induction for Life Sciences students at the University of Dundee.

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    Jalview 2.10.5 is a minor release that includes critical patches for users working with Ensembl, RNA secondary structure annotation, and those running Jalview on OSX with Java 10.

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    The first patch release for Jalview 2.10.4 is now available. It includes the following minor improvments and critical patches:

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    Jim Procter and Suzanne Duce travelled to Liverpool to run a 2-day multiple sequence alignment, protein structure and function modelling workshop with Dr Dan Rigden.

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    We are very pleased to announce that the final release in Jalview's 2.10 series is now available.

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    There are a few spaces left on the 2 day ‘Multiple Sequence Alignment with Jalview and Protein Structure and Function Modelling’ workshop in Liverpool on Monday 14th to Tuesday 15th May.