Of these 3 features available in Jalview, which do you like most:

Jalview is free to end-users because of support from the UK's BBSRC and The Wellcome Trust

If you would like to see Jalview continue to be available then please take a few minutes to write us a support letter saying how you use Jalview in your research/teaching.

Write as a PDF including your institution's heading and send to:
support_jalview@bartongroup.org by Friday 19th October 2018.

Thank you all those who have already written such nice letters!

Being able to launch Jalview in a single step from a web browser
51% (487 votes)
Being able to retrieve data from public databases eg Uniprot
15% (144 votes)
Linked views of aligned sequences, structures and trees
34% (331 votes)
Total votes: 962