Jalview doesn't show my favourite sequence or annotation database

For some reason, your DAS registry setting might have become corrupted. Here's how to fix it:

  1. Launch the Jalview desktop (IMPORTANT: if you have more than one instance running already, close all but one).
  2. Go to the Tools->Preferences option to open the preferences panel.
  3. Open the 'DAS Settings' pane in the preferences panel - if you can't see it, click on the right most tab ('Editing' in my screen), and then the '>' icon to scroll to the next tab along.
  4. Replace the existing URL in the 'Use registry' text box with: "http://www.dasregistry.org "
  5. Click 'Refresh Available Sources' - you should see lots of sources appear in the list
  6. Hit OK in the preferences dialog box. This saves your preferences.
  7. Shut down Jalview, and then start it again and open the 'Fetch Sequences' dialog box to check that you can see all the sequence databases.
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