Jalview and Windows 8.1 on the Surface Pro 3

One of the Jalview team just got a Surface Pro 3 tablet and so naturally wanted to install Jalview on it. This is pretty straightforward, but some of the steps are slightly confusing if you aren't too familiar with running Jalview.

  1. If you do the Java webstart option the machine says it does not know what to do with the .jnlp file, so sends you to the App store to find an app that can open it. Unfortunately, the "app" it needs (Java) is not in the App store, so you get nowhere.

  2. What you have to do is go to www.java.com and install Java first from there.

    This should go fairly smoothly (it did for us - tell us if you have problems!).

  3. Once you have Java installed, Shut down your browser, then open it again and click on the Jalview webstart option again from the Jalview home page.

    If you don't restart your browser, Jalview won't start automatically and you'll need to locate the jalview.jnlp file and open it with the Java webstart application manually.

Jalview and Multi-Touch
Jalview is not yet muti-touch-aware, so drag, pinch to zoom etc don't work. Cascading menus also always cascade to the right regardless of the settings you make on the tablet for right or left-handed use, so you need to select menus with your left hand, or use the stylus left-handed.
We'll be working on adding multi-touch in the future !

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