Get the latest Jalview desktop application:

If you have Java installed

If you have a full Java 8 installation on your system, just click the Launch Jalview Desktop button (which is also at the top of page)
Note: Webstart can be slow the first time you launch Jalview, take a look below for more help.

Use one of our platform installers

You can download an installer for your system from the InstallAnywhere Jalview Installers page.
InstallAnywhere is a Java program installation system. It will work out which operating system you have, and present you with the package it considers most appropriate. You can download the Jalview application installation on its own, and optionally download a copy of the Java Virtual Machine which actually runs Jalview.

Install via Conda

A Jalview conda package is also available, thanks to the great folk over at BioConda

To install via conda, first download Miniconda for your platform.
Then: open a terminal and type:

conda config --add channels defaults
conda config --add channels bioconda
conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda install jalview


Installing on OSX

We recommend you install the jalview desktop via the signed OSX disk images: Install Jalview + Java or Install Jalview only (Works on Sierra if you download Java separately). If you are familiar with the commandline then you may prefer to install Jalview via conda instead (see instructions above).

It is also possible to launch Jalview on OSX via Web Start, but you will first need to either modify your GateKeeper security settings (see the FAQ entry), or open a Terminal and enter:


This works because webstart launches from the commandline appear to bypass the GateKeeper security warning about "unknown developers".

Problems?  Take a look at the FAQs.

Get the latest Jalview source release

If you are interested in the source, then we'd also recommend you take a look at the Development section of the website, which includes information about building Jalview from source, and developing with Jalview.

Downloads for deploying the latest JalviewLite applet:

Please note: we have stopped maintaining the JalviewLite Applet distribution of Jalview but versions are still being produced by our build system. If you'd like to hear about our plans for web based versions of Jalview, please do get in contact!


More about running the Jalview application

If you don't have Java version 1.6 or later, first install Java on your machine from from the Java Download Site. Then click on the Install link above.

If your browser hasn't been set up to run Java WebStart JNLP files, the Start link above will download a file called jalview.jnlp. Some browsers will ask you what you want to do with the JNLP file (instead of automatically downloading it somewhere, or presenting it to you as text). If a dialog appears with "Open using application..." on it, use the javaws application to run your file (and check the box marked "Don't ask me again"):

  • <path to java runtime installation>/bin/javaws
  • <path to jdk installation>/jre/bin/javaws
  • javaws.exe

If you think that your browser should really be working with Java properly, you can test it at If things really are not working, use the InstallAnywhere version of Jalview.